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424                             UFE  OF
mission given you for the arrangement of the museum,
with great interest., and give my fall approbation to
the arrangements made tinder your direction. I have
found all your propositions appropriate, and have re-
quested the minister of religion and instruction to
give his attention to their practicability,, and then
report to me on the subject. As a proof of my con-
tinued good willy and in acknowledgment of your
former services to the state, I have elected you to my
Black Eagle order^ of which I send you the insignias.
I wish5 at the same time., that your health may permit
you again to take part in the labours of the council
of state. In this hope., I have announced to the
council your renewed participation in its labours and
its deliberations, Berlin^ 15th September^ 1830. 
This re-appointment to the council of state was, in
reality, only a kind of restoration. Humboldt did not
return to the active service of the state, nor did he
draw Ms pension. But the mere re -appointment
caused great joy among the public, though only on
account of the expectations it excited ; for it was
hoped this appointment would merely be the first
stepj and that Humboldt would return to the minis-
try. The report was even spread that he had been
entrusted with the plan of a constitution. But nothing
of this was fulfilled ; this would have beea a reform
in -the system of which the old king never thought,
although the critical foreign circumstances must have
reminded him of Ms former promises. It is also not
probable tibat Humboldt would have left liis favourite
labours,, and undertaken the burdens of a ministry
again, unless tke 'Condition of his country should have
imperiously demanded the sacrifice.
Humboldt^ however^ regularly attended the meet-
ings of the council of etate3 and was, with two others,
even appointed a comnoifetee for foreign affairs ; but
the office was entirely a1 Bt0nentity> as the minister for
foreign afiairs took care to consult Humboldt on
matters which it was well known that he would